As we age, the collagen content in our skin decreases, leading to saggy and loose skin for many of us.

Sculptra is a good option for getting back naturally firmer skin. Sculptra is an injectable treatment that consists of small particles of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA).

These microspheres stimulate the skin’s own collagen production.

PLLA is a biodegradable substance that has been used for many years and is very safe.

The PLLA will be eliminated by the body after some time, but the new collagen will stay.

Sculptra can increase collagen by 66.3% in 3 months. The result is natural firmer skin that can last up to 25 months.

What Sculptra Treats

  • Stimulates collagen production lost to aging
  • Rebuilds and reinforces the skin’s structural foundation
  • Restores the support and volume of youthful-looking skin

How many treatments?

Typically, about three sessions over 3 months (every 30 days). However, it can vary from person to person.

Benefits of Sculptra

  • Revitalizes collagen production
  • Increases firmness of skin  for up to 25 months
  • Increase the collagen in the skin by up to 66.5% in three months
  • Restore skin’s fullness
  • Achieves very natural results


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